About Rellmas ...

Rolli Rellmas is a small, green "Kugelmännchen" (something like Pac-man) who wanders through a mysterious world. He eats his way through soil and snow, and gathers everything that's not nailed to the ground. He has to because only when he has gathered enough does the exit open and the next level can be started.

However it's not as easy as it sounds. Boulders, bombs, mines and a lot of enemies makes Rolli's life difficult. He doesn't always have much time to reach the exit. Walls block his way and often doors can only be opened with the right key. If he has collected dynamite, then many of the obstructions can blown up to make way.

Sometimes you just need skillfulness to get through a level. On other levels you just need to find the right (solution-)way. Now and again you need just a bit of luck.

Currently version 3 of Rellmas is no longer available!

But there will soon be Rellmas 4 for Android!

On YouTube there is a little (ca. 3 min.) Video about Rellmas. (Version 3 for Windows)